About Us

About Us

Since the day we have started, we are working as dominant hospitality promotion service provider with the well known name Mabieat Marketing pvt. Ltd. We believe in face to face marketing of our customers’ business all around in India through best designed loyalty programs. These loyalty programs include Luxury Hotels, restaurants, resorts, Water Park, Amusement Park, F&B, Banquet, Unisex Gym, Unisex Salon and Hospitals discount coupons holding the listed offers for customers, but the amenities under these loyalty programs through hotel membership cards are not limited up to for these offers only:

  • Food and beverage membership offers
  • Coupon sales for distinct services
  • Offers over room stay in the hotels
  • Kitty party celebration offers
  • Corporate party discounts
  • Birthday Celebration Offers
  • Water Park Membership Offers
  • Amusement Park Membership Offers

With the privilege membership card that holds best offers for hotels regarding related services, we expertise in do direct and indirect promotion of the hotel’s & Institutions Overall business.

Our team has 100+ professionals contributing their abilities to make this firm as renowned marketing solutions’ provider via sharing customized and heart winning marketing plans for hotels and restaurants. According to specific needs of hotels, restaurants, resorts, and multiplexes, we offer the marketing plans to provide best growth options.

“We are all ears”, yes we are! We are right here to listen and understand the need of your marketing demands. And this patience of ours is helpful to make us best suited for all who are looking since so long to get a trusted even worthy marketing plan. Our one to one conversation with our customers shows our loyalty towards them. Profitability and a secure growth, both of these facts are linked together, and we work for both concepts.

The face to face conversation that helps us to understand the desire of our clients’ business further gets translation into a foolproof executable hotel loyalty programs. One more promise we do to our clients is no investment from their end. So, it makes sense for them to avail a no investment plan with surety of getting unbeatable revenue results.

We have made hotel membership cards for more than 100 hotels and restaurants, and this is what we say that digits itself speak the results. We have intended towards the aim of making and sharing marketing plans towards all around in India for all the needy clients. Going beyond the limits and expanding the marketing space of our clients is our dream over which we are working since too long. We just need you here with us to let others know that how powerful our marketing plans are.

How We Work

Mabieat marketing private limited is not only the name with fame for offering hotels’ branding programs but also a platform where we work towards providing successful plans for the hotel business as per their hospitality promotional need. We are like a strong pillar to be with the clients whenever they need strong extension in their marketing team. The analysis of clients’ business and services for better execution of marketing plans is the first initiative we take towards success.

Our Concepts

Today’s market is the market with high expectations and completion. It shows the race of exploring offers and relaxations to attract customers. The habit of running behind the discounts makes us better understand about how to attract customers towards the facilities offered by our valuable clients be it hotel or restaurant. However, it is not any boundation that consumers get attracted from your offers only. What we do to deal with this is finding out best possible options for clients to provide consumers through hotel promotional programs.

Our Marketing Strategies

Marketing for the hotels and restaurants through the best planned way is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is all about a secure even strong hotel marketing plan. The ever-changing situation of the market and ample of options for customers, these two factors are highly responsible towards success of marketing plan applied. We properly analyze both of the factors before being engaged to design and apply the marketing plan for the hotels, restaurants and related commercial bodies. In this way, we eliminate the chances of facing any failure.

Our Mission

Our dream is to be the most esteemed facility and marketing brand all around. We are working for the same since the very first day and day by day, we are adding our right even positive steps towards the success of this mission.

Our Purpose

Executing the extensive and powerful marketing plan towards successful promotion of the brands without investing the cost to hire specific marketing plan design team is all about we are working for our customers. This process also helps to reduce the cost of investment towards sales section.

Vision & Values

Hotel marketing plans at its best for offering services and products towards consumers through hotel loyalty programs and related premium cards. It helps our customers to be at safe side without letting themselves irritated for safe and healthy promotion of the business.